About H&P

About H & P

H&P’s History/Time Line:

  • 1988 – Blayne Hartman forms Transglobal Environmental Geochemistry, Inc. (TEG) to conduct soil gas surveys with mobile laboratories and direct push sampling.
  • 1990 – James Picker and Rebecca Johnson start Mobile One Laboratories, Inc. (MOL) to conduct mobile environmental laboratory services.
  • 1999 – A partnership is formed in the name of H&P Mobile Geochemistry by TEG and MOL.
  • 2000 - Louise Adams joins H&P as Operations Manager for the partnership.
  • 2005 – H&P acquires Entech instruments and equipment for in house EPA method TO-15 capabilities.
  • 2007 – H&P builds two TO-15 Mobile Labs for Vapor Intrusion services.
  • 2006 – Louise Adams is promoted to President of H&P Mobile Geochemistry.
  • 2008 – The partners sell H&P to Louise Adams and H&P is formed as a California corporation, H&P Mobile Geochemistry, Inc.
About H & P

Specializing in Vapor Intrusion Services with Environmental Mobile Laboratories, Fixed Laboratory Services, and Direct Push Sampling.

H&P operates as both as a field service company and as a full service fixed base laboratory for soil vapor, sub-slab, and air sampling to clients across the nation. Additionally, our laboratories perform analysis of soil and water samples for organic compounds. H&P holds both local and national certifications for all EPA methods conducted at our facility and in the mobile laboratories. H&P also provides added vapor intrusion services to our clients, such as pre-constructed Vapor Probe Kits and Sampling SOPs to assist with field projects.

We do pride ourselves in being a unique laboratory that specializes in soil vapor and vapor intrusion services. Because we also operate as a field service company, each of the H&P staff is trained and experienced in the area of field sampling and on-site/off-site analysis. We recognize that collecting a valid soil gas sample is just as critical as the actual analysis of that sample, so we provide individual sampling support (and detailed SOPs) to each of our clients before, during, and after their soil gas sampling event.

H&P's mobile laboratories are full-size, self-sufficient vehicles that generate EPA Level III and Level IV data. Typical capabilities include analysis of soil, water, and vapor samples for organic compounds. All mobile laboratories are California ELAP certified for the tests they perform and as offered by the CA ELAP.

H&P's fixed-base laboratory is certified by both CA ELAP and NELAP for all EPA methods and specializes in rapid turnaround. Typical capabilities include analysis of soil, water, and vapor samples for organic compounds.

H&P Mobile GeoChemistry, Inc. offers state-of-the-art soil gas surveys, using a variety of techniques including active, passive, and surface flux chamber methodology. H&P is the only firm in the country that offers this variety of soil gas methods. H&P Mobile GeoChemistry, Inc. has completed more than 100,000 soil gas survey points at a variety of industrial, residential, and military sites across the country and the world.

H&P's STRATAPROBE® is a multi-media sampling system capable of reaching 50 feet below the ground surface. STRATAPROBE® uses the latest technology in hydraulic drive point sampling systems to collect soil, water, and deep soil gas samples. In addition, H&P Mobile GeoChemistry, Inc. owns a variety of limited access sampling systems, including a Geoprobe 540MT and manual roto-hammer for sampling indoor locations.

The H&P team adheres to several Health & Safety programs such as LPS, First Aid, and CPR training. H&P's client list includes large and small environmental consultants, major oil and other private companies, the Department of Defense, and Department of Energy. H&P Mobile GeoChemistry, Inc. has extensive insurance coverage including $5 million of errors & omissions, general liability, pollution liability, and auto/vehicle coverages.

We are always happy to create project specific quotes and analyte lists to meet project goals. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information about our services. Contact Us