Health and Safety Practice and Policies

Loss Prevention Safety Certification OSHA API

The safety of the employees of H&P Mobile Geochemistry, Inc. is of vital concern. Recognizing the needs and responsibilities for the safety of its' employees, the Company considers prevention of accidents, injuries and illness an important and integral part of efficient production and quality product/service.


Safety will be given primary importance in planning and operating all Company activities in order to protect employees. All employees performing work in this Company shall realize that doing the job safely is as much a part of job performance as technical knowledge. Compliance with the safety requirements and laws is mandatory on the part of all employees.

H&P Field Personnel – H&S Training Programs

  • HAZWOPER 40 Hr OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 Certifications
  • HAZWOPER 8 Hr OSHA Refresher Certifications, Annual
  • API WorkSafe, Safety Key Certifications
  • Loss Prevention Safety (LPS) Certifications – Chevron and Exxon/Mobil
  • Defensive Driving Course, National Safety Council Certifications
  • Hazardous Material Medical Clearance Certificates, Annual Monitoring
  • CPR and First Aid Training

Health and Safety Program Qualification

H&P’s Health and Safety Program has been independently audited and pre-qualified by both Avetta and Browz. These companies connect environmental consultants with subcontractors. This pre-qualification allows environmental consultants to readily hire H&P for field work on various commercial, governmental, military and residential sites.

Vehicle Safety

The focus of H&P for vehicle safety is preventative maintenance. H&P drillers and mobile lab chemists maintain detailed vehicle maintenance logs outlining services as they are performed. The vehicles undergo a bi-annual Safety Check at an approved maintenance facility. In addition, weekly vehicle inspection checklists are completed by each driller and chemist, and then reviewed by employee supervisors in an effort to address any issues before they become a problem.

Health and Safety Binders

Each H&P employee has a health and safety binder in their vehicle that contains the most recent Job Safety Analysis (JSA/JLA) sheets, standard operating procedures, personal training certificates, and the corporate Health and Safety policy at their fingertips.